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12 Nov 2018

Important DIY Fall Lawn Care Tasks

Every year, I seem to encounter the same questions from dedicated and passionate lawn enthusiasts such as yourselves regarding late-fall lawn care. “is there anything left for me to do now that it’s mid-November?” Well, of course!  Even after you’ve applied winterizer to your lawn, raked up all your leaves, and gotten your irrigation blowout done right before the first big freeze of the season, there are still some important, easy-to-execute DIY tasks you’ll need to complete before putting your property to bed for winter. This is especially relevant if you live in coastal regions, where long winters, excessive snowfall, and prolonged periods of snow cover don’t persist during the winter and leave more time for these tasks to be completed.

It’s important to know that late-fall isn’t pack-it-up time just yet. To set your lawn up for a successful spring and an uneventful winter, you’d be wise to complete these tasks as soon as possible. How does this weekend sound?

Keep On Raking

Here at Kalagan outdoor design, we know that raking leaves can be downright exhausting, especially when  temperatures drop and the extra layers start to come on. However, making sure that you rake up all of the leaves in your front and back yards is an essential fall task that you simply can’t afford to ignore. If leaves are left unraked, they can pile up to the point of suffocating the grass, causing dead patches. Fungal diseases can also become a problem over the winter if matted down leaves are covering the lawn. Using a lawn mower to mulch leaves, or a bagger to pickup leaves can make the job easier than raking.

Leaves left on the lawn will prevent air flow and daylight from helping your lawn grow. A thick mat of wet leaves will damage your lawn beyond recovery and you will be forced to reseed patches of your lawn next spring. If you’re trees are not totally barren just yet, it’s important to keep that rake handy.

Clean The Gutters


Kelowna-Gutter-CleaningWith November almost halfway through, you’ll want to avoid having clogged and messy gutters when the first winter storm of the year hits your area.

We know; cleaning the gutters is not everyone’s favourite chore. It is, however, an important part of winterizing your property, and will look good when paired with some flashy holiday lights!



Treat Your Lawn Mower

When finished with your last mow of the season, you should use the extra time to take on other maintenance tasks that you didn’t have time for during the busy season. Your mower needs regular tune-ups to make sure that everything is in working order, and late fall/winter is the perfect time to do it.

You should inspect your mower for damaged parts, install a new spark plug, change the oil, empty the gas tank and remove the dull mower blades for sharpening. For those of you that aren’t do-it-yourselfers, take your mowers to a small engine repair shop or your local hardware store for the necessary repairs.

If There’s Frost, Stay Off!


Sometimes in life, taking the route most-traveled is the right thing to do, especially when it comes to frosted grass. That’s what driveways and walkways are for, after all! Come November, you should be using them whenever possible. Walking over a lawn that is frost covered can cause significant and unsightly damage to the turf. Damage first appears as a blackening of the leaves, which gradually turns to a brown or tan colour.

A frost covered lawn should always be stayed off of until the frost has lifted, though thankfully, there are ways to test it. A quick test to determine whether it is safe to walk on the grass is to simply take your hand and wipe it parallel along the surface (tips) of the turf. If your hand stays dry throughout the duration of the test, it is still too soon to walk on the turf. If your hand is wet, then the frost has started to melt and it is safe to walk on.


Contributed by: Kalagan Outdoor Design, Foremost experts in landscaping and yard care serving Vernon and Kelowna BC.

26 Apr 2018
Trimming Cedar Hedge Vernon

5 Ways Lawn Care and Landscaping Pros Can Increase Your Home’s Value


Lawn care and landscaping are great for the environment and have been shown to boost your health. What’s more, they are efficient methods of increasing the value of your home


Whether you are considering selling your property in the future or you want to keep it in your family, a great-looking yard can boost your kerb appeal and tremendously increase your property’s value. And with the help and insights of a professional lawn care company, a healthy, great-looking lawn and landscape is within reach.


Here are five ways that experts in lawn care and landscaping can boost your home’s appeal and value:

1. They use the right tools

Not all yards are easy to work with. Some will require the use of special tools to make them look perfect. While you can rent tools to prune or remove trees and shrubs, it is always less stressful to leave this job in the hands of the experts. By investing in professional hedge trimming and pruning services, the job can be done in no time.


Remember that these professionals are equipped to handle various landscaping situations. They will visit your home and assess the situation, taking note of what tools are needed and how much time is required to perform things that are important before installation commences. In turn, this will make the job simpler and faster for property owners.

2. They have years of experience

The knowledge and experience of these professionals are the most valuable assets they bring to your landscaping project. With their years of experience, they can tell you whether you need to change your plan or not.


In fact, they may completely disagree with your plan, depending on the location of your home, the amount of sunlight your yard receives daily, and the availability of the land you have. They know exactly what will work and what will not in a particular setting. They also know what type of grass best suits your area and lifestyle.


Besides, it is not always about what you want, but about what works best to increase the value and appeal of your home when other people see it for the first time.


3. Professional quality work is guaranteed

You would not allow, for example, just anyone to renovate your kitchen or install your digital TV antenna, so why let someone inexperienced work in your yard? Professional quality work must always be superior. Remember that your landscaping will only look best with the experts’ ability to provide high-quality work.

4. They can execute your landscaping design vision

Knowing that you won’t be responsible for the work and maintenance on your yard is what makes it more likely for you to choose a landscaping design that will complement your home rather than one that is easy to care for.


Time is a valuable asset. With professional help, you won’t forgo things that are most important to you just to keep your yard well-maintained. This job will be happily accomplished for you by lawn care and landscaping pros so you can enjoy the benefits of perfect kerb appeal without compromising or losing anything in the process.

5. They perform scheduled maintenance

Another way in which lawn care and landscaping pros can boost your curb appeal and home’s value is with scheduled maintenance. It will be a lot easier to maintain a yard when a professional is doing it on your behalf. Remember that these professionals are equipped to deal with any issues and to repair any damage. Also, they know exactly when your yard needs work.


It is easy for you to lose track of time and forget to maintain shrubs or water plants. And this can quickly cause your yard to become a bit overgrown or lifeless. Experts in lawn care and landscaping will ensure that none of these will happen.


Of all the improvements to increase the value of your property, lawn care and landscaping often come with the best benefits. Also, these offers the highest return on investment. But for this to be done properly and to get the most for your money, you have to hire the best professional lawn care and landscaping company.