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Artificial Turf and Putting Greens

Always Green, Always Clean

Getting Your Artificial Turf Installed and Maintained by Kalagan Turf is the Smart Consumer Choice

Kalagan Turf installs new synthetic lawns and provides a 100% product and installation guarantee. We cover all space requirements and aesthetic preferences through a flawless design process and by using the most reliable synthetic turf on the market. Let us beautify and simplify your lawn for many years of pure enjoyment.


Residential Artificial Grass Installation Process

Why Choose Kalagan Turf?

We will create a lawn that’s clean and safe from wear and tear for decades to come. Our synthetic turf grass is expertly installed at the most competitive prices.

Synthetic grass behaves like real grass, it’s durable, visually appealing and has a service life of more than 30 years. We provide an installation services for most situations but not limited to:


artificial grass Vernon BC
  • Residential lawns
  • Playgrounds
  • Day-care centres
  • Backyards
  • Putting greens
  • Playgrounds and play areas
  • Terraces decks and patios
  • Dog runs
  • Dog parks
  • Dog kennels
  • Running paths
  • Patios
  • Rooftop decks
  • Golf greens
  • Residential lawns

What is the difference between real grass and artificial grass?

A lot of time and effort goes into maintaining a natural lawn which means you have two options you put the time and effort in yourself to maintain the lawn or you hire someone to do it for at a cost of on average of around $150 Per Metre. Even if you was to hire someone to look after it for you then you have to take in natural factors such as weeds growing in the grass, cutting the grass to short and making it weak, watering it to much and saturating the roots making it harder to drink or even planting the wrong type of grass seed that Kentucky bluegrass might grow great in your neighbour’s sunny yard, but your towering oak shades your backyard and might not allow enough sun to reach the lawn



With artificial grass your garden requires no maintenance which means once it is installed you want have to pay a gardener each month to maintain it, worry about if you have treated your lawn and with the high quality artificial grass comes in now a days you will struggle to tell the difference, leaving you to be able to enjoy your garden for BBQ`s, parties, relaxing with friends and family, what a garden is all about.

FAQ`S Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i use your company and not do it myself?

It all depends on what your needs are, artificial grass is like carpet if you was to pick a carpert for you stairs you would choose to pick a much durable carpet as the stairs will see the most wear and tear, if you was to pick a carpet for the front room you would pick a luxury quality carpet compared to a cheaper carpet for you porch where muddy shoes etc live.

Picking your artificial lawn is no different, we have a range of different grass types which means we can meet your needs from a low cost lawn all the way through to high grade luxury grass, putting greens, children’s playgrounds we can suit all your needs. Ask one of our surveyors to come see you by getting a free quote

How much does it cost to install artificial grass?

To install artificial grass there are a few different costs you have to take into consideration and each job is different and they may be more things needed but here is a general break down of what is involved.

  • Artificial grass – Price varies on the quality of grass and the area of install
  • Labour
  • Materials (Hardcore, Grit-sand, Pins, Glue, Tape, Weed Membrane)
  • Tools (Wacker, Turf Cutter, Mini Diggers) – Depends on job size if turf cutter or digger is needed.
  • Skip Hire – Price varies on the size of skip needed.

Do i get a guarantee?

Yes, you get a workmanship guarantee on all work carried out for 3 years with ourselves and you get a manufactures guarantee of 10 years on the artificial grass.