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Pedestal Pavers

Pedestal Paver Installation Process

The process of using Pedestal Pavers began to take place as early as the Roman Empire era. These pavers were created using the tightly fitting units that are usually set on the compacted aggregate base. They are now considered as the modern version of this base. They are usually created with a vast array of textures, shapes, and colors. The wide variety of choices is especially designed to help match the quality of the home with the addition.

The pavers typically utilize paver pedestal installation system to eventually form patterned surfaces. After locking, they are then placed into service as soon as possible. An apparent benefit of the pavers is the ability to reinstall and remove them if you do not want them anymore. This can drastically reduce the interruptions for the future services.

The use of Pedestal pavers is rapidly growing for both the residential and the commercial construction applications. Using these pavers is currently expanding at a rapid rate.

The interlocking pavers used for the projects are extremely durable. The Ceramic pavers utilize the following factors:

Easy Installation of Pedestal Pavers

Pedestal Pavers are designed for concrete or Tile pavers to lay level over a built up roof top area or deck. The substrate can be either concrete or wood structure, with a roof membrane over the top.

The installation consists of 7 pieces and a standard 4″ diameter PVC pipe:

The PVC pipe allows the Pedestal System to vary in heights up to 20+ inches. The standard 1/8″ vertical spacer on the top cap allows for an open joint and proper alignment of the pavers.

The top cap is 1/2″ in height, if required a 1/16″ or 1/8″ bottom shim locks into the bottom of the top cap. Once 1″ in height is obtained, the top and bottom cap can be used with PVC and 1/8″ and 1/16″ bottom shims.

The uniqueness of the round bottom shims, both 1/16″ and 1/8″ allow them to be broken in half and stacked on the bottom shim for those areas that are sloped more than the typical 2%. They have a “V” groove on the bottom. One pass through with a utility knife, allows for easy breakage. They may be stacked on the bottom. They lock to the cap to impede movement of the pedestal. The subsequent weight of the paver will keep the system in place.

Advantages of Pedestal Pavers

Construction of residential and commercial buildings involves practical considerations to ensure lasting performance. The following are the advantages of Pedestal Paver installation that homeowners and contractors should highly consider before spending a large amount of money using a less practical method in terms of floating paving.

Easy to Install

One of the Floating Paver Advantages is its quick and easy installation with the use of plastic pedestal system. This method offers a great advantage in terms of installation over decks and waterproofed layers. Also, it allows easy removal providing access to the underlying layers when repairs need to be done. It also provides good protection and drainage for the waterproofing membrane.

Water Damage Prevention & Energy Reduction

With the Pedestal Paver System, water entrapment is prevented. Thus, paver damages and membrane deterioration are avoided. Part of the Paver Pedestal System Advantages is the reduced heat conductivity due to the elevation of pavers and air circulation. As a result, the membrane is kept from expanding and the insulation thermal efficiency is maintained.

Durable Concrete Pavers

Floating pavers make use of durable concrete pavers that last for a lifetime. These concrete pavers are available in different colours, shapes and textures which can beautify and make unused spaces functional.

Roof Garden “Green Roof”

Whether an environmentally-friendly design using the “green roof” concept, or a functional, aesthetically-pleasing “roof garden”, new and renovated rooftops. Using the principles of utilizing pedestal pavers while applying the green roof concept in constructing or renovating rooftops offers the following advantages:

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