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Kalagan Outdoor Design also provides the Best Outdoor Kitchen Services in Vernon. The outdoor kitchen is one of the most useful spaces that you can construct in the exterior of your house. It is a great option that, sadly, only a few people avail. While you may go through a tradition of cooking indoors, the outdoor kitchen can save you in a number of different situations. Kalagan Outdoor Design provides you an option to acquire the best outdoor kitchen for your home where you can cook the delicious meals, grill bbq, and enjoy dinner with your family.

Outdoor Kitchen Design

For many homeowners across the country, luxury outdoor living is defined by one feature: a fully stocked, elegantly designed, and weather-protected outdoor kitchen. If you're looking to up the entertainment factor and stylish appeal of your backyard space, work with Kalagans Authorized Installers to create a unique outdoor kitchen design that will truly wow!

Five-Star Food and Fun in Your Own Custom Outdoor Kitchen

At Kalagan Outdoor Design, no outdoor kitchen design is beyond the capabilities of our exceptional team—so the only limit is your imagination! We can build a cozy fire pit for roasting smores, a built-in grill for mouth-watering burgers, or a well-stocked bar area with back-lit shelves, wine coolers, and plenty of fridge/freezer space. Whether for small family dinners or regular gatherings of your entire social group, your custom outdoor kitchen can be crafted with all the trendy, modern, and deluxe touches you want.

Collaborate with our outdoor kitchen design crew to create the space you've always wanted, utilizing your choice of features and amenities:

Make the Most Of The Outdoors

Outdoor Kitchens are rapidly becoming one of the most popular luxuries to add to your home throughout the Okanagan, and for all the right reasons. Outdoor Kitchens create an excellent space for entertaining guests, spending time with family and friends while also adding value to your home. Outdoor kitchen styles and colour selections are currently as polished as previous indoor kitchen designs and trends.

Kalagan Outdoor Design is bringing refined outdoor kitchen renovations to Vernon and Kelowna. Outdoor kitchen renovations have been on the rise, and our team is more than happy to help you achieve your dream space. Outdoor kitchen renovations are usually built around a grill and offer counter space, outdoor kitchen cabinets, and the option of adding other amenities, such as a sink connected to the outdoor water system, and a refrigerator.

Kalgan Outdoor Design can supply your outdoor kitchen with quality stainless steel outdoor cabinets. The shift in design for outdoor kitchen cabinets are no longer your common, flawed stainless steel doors with empty or no boxes. Our outdoor kitchens have the style, aesthetic design and functional aspect of indoor kitchen cabinets. We can establish an outdoor living space that can have the same performance as an indoor kitchen yet is visually appealing with flair. This provides you with the ability to present an outdoor space for entertaining and shape a gathering area for your family and friends.

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    Outdoor Kitchens


    When it comes to Landscaping design and function, Colton and Taylor at Kalagan pay attention to fine detail and are always reliable. They transformed my less than ordinary yard into a mini piece of paradise where i get to spend time with my family daily. Thanks KALAGAN.
    Tim Taylor

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    Outdoor Kitchens


    Super impressed with the boys from KALAGAN....my deck and fence was falling apart and I didnt know how to deal with them, They designed a new more function deck and followed up on everything they said they would, There customer service was exceptional. Thank you very much!!
    Michele Davis

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